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All Around the World, Featuring The Global Trunk

All Around the World, Featuring The Global Trunk

Guatemalan women work together in a sewing cooperative creating fair trade goods

Photo Provided by The Global Trunk

Through partnership, travel and direct sourcing, Valiente Goods is able to support developing communities and artisans by purchasing handcrafted, fair trade pieces directly from them in an ethical and sustainable way. There are many faces behind the mission and this month's featured partner is The Global Trunk.

"A labor of love.."

Photo Provided by The Global Trunk

Josetta Sbeglia and her niece, social worker Cathy Benavides created The Global Trunk as a labor of love over half a decade ago. After traveling to Guatemala the year before, they quickly fell in love with the culture. After working in the art business for thirty years, Josetta always had an appreciation for colors, textures and textiles. Artistic and passionate by nature, Josetta was curious to explore South America. Josetta’s right hand women, Samantha and Lindsay have helped transform the space from an 180 sq ft unit in Culver City, CA to a large studio in Los Angeles.

Josetta says, “We all get a choice on how to spend our money. That’s why fair trade is so important. It all goes back to sustainability. The Global Trunk wants to create an environment where people can be both creative and productive in their choices.”

“Every piece is precious; we don’t want to have any waste.”

The Global Trunks foundation started on pillows. Josetta calls herself a pillow maniac. “The pillows smell like river. There is an emotional and spiritual connection to the earth. It’s all very organic,” Josetta says. Today, TGT sources rugs, blankets, poufs, scarves and bags, among other treasures. “We want to make the most out of the textiles we source,” Josetta says. “Every piece is precious; we don’t want to have any waste.”

At The Global Trunk, you can tell where each product was sourced based on the symbols in the design. Much of their symbolism is organically rooted. For The Global Trunk, The Mayan culture was the hook. By being transparent and staying true to their word, TGT has made truly amazing relationships and remained consistent in the fair trade rules, while educating others. Thanks to the constant efforts of TGT, among other organizations and fair trade shops, women all around the world build a sustainable income for them and their families.

Shop our collection of blankets and throws by Global Trunk here.

Interview by Dania Hamoui

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