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The reason I burn incense, and why you should too!

The reason I burn incense, and why you should too!

Purpose for burning incense

Welcome to The Incense World

I have been burning incense for as long as I can remember. My mother is an artist and she has used incense in her studio practice for years. I grew up around the smell and there is nothing more comforting to me than the familiar smell of Nag Champa. I burn incense any time I am trying to separate my current state of mind from a new one I am trying to establish.

 My weekend ritual is pretty consistent. I wake up relatively early, make some coffee, go on a long walk with my partner and pup and get ready to work on the shop. Upon entering my office, I will burn incense to let myself know that it is time to sit down and get to work. In college, I would burn incense right before I started reading or studying for an exam, before I started an illustration or whenever I wanted my mind to go to a creative state. 

It is important to remember that of all the senses, smell is the most strongly connected to the areas of the brain that process memory, meaning that even the smallest hint of a smell that your memory connects with a moment/place will bring you right back into that moment. The sense of smell is directly wired to your brain, unlike the other senses, meaning that the link between smells and brain response is very rapid.This is why ROUTINE is very important. You want to connect the smell of incense with the state of mind you want to reach. For example If you are trying to use incense as a way to relax before starting your yoga routine, you want to use this every time you begin. This way your brain will associate the smell with your relaxed state of mind and take you there much quicker. 

No matter what purpose you use it for, incense has the power to completely alter your frame of mind in a matter of seconds.  It is incredibly easy to use, and smells amazing! 

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