About Us

About Us

Valiente Goods aims to support developing communities by offering them sustainable working opportunities. We provide artisans with constant work and buy their products directly from them in a way that is ethical and responsible. We work with different groups around the globe to curate the shop and bring you the best goods around. 

Why Shop Valiente?

Our hope is that this shop will expose people to different cultures and ignite in them the curiosity to explore. Every purchase makes it possible for us to continue sourcing directly from artisans all over the world and help them build a sustainable income for them and their families. 

How Do You Source Your Products?

Our products are sourced in two different ways. The first way is through partnership. We partner with Fair Trade groups around the world to bring products to our shop from Places like Senegal, Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Guatemala, Mexico and more. The second way is through travel and direct sourcing. The face behind Valiente Goods, is textile designer Agostina Vidable. Agostina seeks the work of artisans in her travels. She buys directly from them and brings it back to the US. 

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