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You know that person who is impossible to shop for? They are unique, stylish and cool. They love design blogs and covet the latest interior design and decor books! You no longer have to worry, almost all of the items in the shop are one of a kind, just like the special person on your list! Take a look at our Holiday Guide for some shopping inspiration!

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Our Brick and Mortar Location In Clintonville

Dreams do come true, but you have to work hard at them. Typing this from the inside of the brand new shop located at 3341 North High Street in Columbus and I can hardly believe these words.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Clintonville community. When I first moved to Columbus, I lived with my dear friend from SCAD Justina who kindly let me crash at her Beechwold home for weeks until I found my footing. It was Perry from Dough Mama who hosted an amazing group for women entrepreneurs who showed me that being a badass boss was not only possible but easy thanks to the support of other amazing women in the community. It was Chloe from The Sunroom who told me about the space opening up two doors down. It was Kaleigh from ONE SIX FIVE who told me repeatedly that opening up a shop was not hard and that I could do it. Clintonville is home and it feels so special to be a part of this neighborhood! 

This week, my *new friend* Sydney  came over and took some photos of the shop, I can't wait for you to see them...Click here to see them!


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Girls and Inequality

It has been a crazy month for women in America and I am personally feeling hopeful for the next generation of girls. As we all speak out about our struggles as women and girls, more and more men become aware of these issues and they become our allies.

I recently found out about Bodil Jane, an amazing artist from Amsterdam. I was blown away by her recent work with UNFPA where she illustrated five girls that shared their stories about gender inequality. This is an amazing read, so please hop on over to UNFPA and see for yourself!

We are so excited about the work of Bodil Jane, we will be carrying her line of greeting cards in the shop, so keep an eye out for those in the near future. 

Much Love,